A delegation under the leadership of the head major Burkhard Jung traveled in December 2015 to Israel, so they could join the celebrations of the 50 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel. The St. Thomas choir performed under the conduction of Gotthold Schwarz the Christmas Oratorio from J. S. Bach in Jerusalem and Herzliya.

A number of Israelis that originated from Leipzig or had ancestors from over there participated at these impressive performances. It was an honor for Maria Hoffmann to have been a part of this delegation and met former Leipzig Israelis. Besides the conferral of the honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to our federal president the anniversary celebrations included the renaming of a place in Herzliya into “Kikar Leipzig“ and a meeting with the representatives of the city of Herzliya. A very special highlight was the city tour of Haifa. Prof. Avishay Golz had organized this city tour for the delegation. Next to a impressive visit of the RamBam hospital, where the delegation met a Nobel prize winner, they met the head major of Haifa, enjoyed a delicious meal together and visited the Bahá'í gardens of Haifa. This keeps the town twinning alive.