In this new Jewish year 5.777 we celebrated again the feast of tabernacles. At the 16th of October, we held a church service under the theme „The law of Mose and the life with Jesus.“

The immersion into biblical feasts of the Torah connects us a Christians with the Jewish roots of our believe. Jesus has fulfilled the law through His life and death as sacrifice for us, but he never annulled these laws. A rudimentary reflection of the feast of tabernacles is the harvest festival. But it is much more than this. The God of Israel wants to celebrate with His people and be delighted by profound fellowship. We had two wonderful rainy evenings in our beautiful decorated Sukka (Hebrew for hut or tent) with singing, dancing, the word of God, various foods and drinks, praying and lovely conversations. The traditional prayer for rain wasn't necessary, although we danced during the first evening the Majim (Hebrew for water) round dance. The kids enjoyed especially the small water falls that poured out from time to time into the Sukka. This didn't stop us from enjoying our close fellowship. We are looking forward to the next feast of tabernacles.