Immediately at the beginning of the year I have been one week in Oswiecim and have had an intense time with Rick Wienecke as well as Marky and Kathy Warwick in the prayer house in Birkenau.

It is inspiring who they develop projects in prayer and faith. Fountain of tears is constructional  finished but not completed. The ‘hallway of questions’ and the foyer including the small kitchen were finished. Now only the permit as well as the audio guides are still missing, so that groups may enter independently the pavilion and will be guided in different languages. Rick and Dafna continue to develop this very special piece of art. Two new sculptures ‘venegeance of the lamb’ and ‘4 winds’ are in progress. For these sculptures Rick needs a small area of land near the main entrance of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

During my stay the shell construction of the impressive prayer house was completed. I helped to take of all the foils from the new windows. Next to help Rick with some of his work in his studio I was able to learn more information and details about that camp, especially about the suffering of Polish people and Roma. The Nazis had planned to kill all Roma people and third of the Polish population. Roma people were locked up and deported along with the Jews.

Fountain of tears is a special tool of God for the salvation of Israel (see Romans 11:25-29). The sculpture ‘4 winds’ (according to Ezekiel 37:1-14) expresses God’s mission to believers from the nations to stand and pray for Israel. Europe, America, Africa and Asia in this sculpture represent the 4 winds.

It will be our task as European representative to ensure that two volunteers are on site in Birkenau during three months per year to receive groups as well as maintain this facility. Representatives from America, Africa and Asia will be also responsible for three months each.