On the 13th of May 32 stumbling stones were laid by the artist Gunter Demnig in Leipzig. Three of them commemorate the grandparents of Avishay Golz and the uncle of Ruth Laps, our longtime friends from Israel.

This very special occasion was accompanied by Samuel Seifert with his violin, Torsten with Kerstin and Kristiane with their songs and reference to their own family history of the perpetrators as well as Maria with the story of the grandparents of Avishay and the Kaddish prayer spoken by Avishay.

It was amazing to see the great sympathy of the city of Leipzig, of pupils and their teachers, members of our association, of the Andreas church and the Synagogal choir. The story of Salo Weiz was researched and presented by pupils under the guidance of their teacher Mr. Lenz. Avishay and Ruth said at the end that a circle now has been closed and their relatives have now a place of remembrance.