This year our association was involved more than ever in the Jewish week in Leipzig.

Our participation and organisation ranged from the exhibition 1948 inside the pavilion of hope, the peace prayer at the Nikolai church, the memorial service for Helene and Isser Gutter in the Ariowitschhaus, the Kiddush in the castle and the concert in the church of Döben of the Upper Galilee choir. We also participated in ‘A life between Israel and Leipzig’ with Judith Stern and her family in the Komm-Haus. Without the great dedication and love of Maria Hoffmann and many other members of our association that would not have been possible!

1948 – the exhibition brought new insights into the circumstances of the development of the modern state of Israel for about 200 visitors, including a number of students. The opening ceremony with Wilfried Gotter, musicians of the Kulturwerk 14, the Le Chaim Choir and pastor Daniel Yahav  was very successful. The peace prayer in the Nikolai church with Hebrew songs of the Upper Galilee Choir and the words of Friedrich Margirius was very lively. The presentation of the grandparents life by Avishay Golz, dignified by the Upper Galilee Choir, the personal words of our mayor Jung as well as Maria Hoffmann, left a lasting impression on everyone. The Kiddush in the castle of Döben and the concert in the church of Döben with the dedicated introduction of Dorothea von Below to the Hebrew songs was a blessing for everyone. It became very personal at the Komm-Haus where our daughter Judith Stern and her family shared their experiences of a life in Israel and in Leipzig.

Especially the family of Avishay Golz from Israel, England and the USA repeatedly emphasized how much they have been touched during their visit and that they left Leipzig really reconciled with the past of their family. They never expected such a diverse and rich Jewish program and so much appreciation towards them. Former Leipzig Jews and their descendants felt welcome and honoured. The intense encounters were balm and healing for their souls. This visit changed them. That was expressed again and again. We were also very happy and thankful  that the exhibition of Dan Chamitzer ‘From generation to generation’ took place. In the works one can see the attachment of his family with the city of Leipzig. The perfect finale of this Jewish week was the concert of Ernst Bloch with the setting of a synagogue service by the Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Synagogal Choir, the MDR children choir, a Jewish cantor and Rabbi Zsolt Balla in the east hall of the main train station.