We enjoyed very much the intense time with Avner and Rachel Boskey from the 25.10 to the 4.11.2019.

Members of our association celebrated at the home of family Slowik Shabbat, where Avner signed the first copies of of his book ‘Israel – the key to world revival’, that has been translated by Bianca Franzen into German. On Saturday evening Avner taught in the Jesus congregation in Reichenbach/Vogtland about the necessary Jewish wave of reformations. It is about the restoration of the Jewish character of the bible, the Hebrew thinking, the rediscovery of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, dropping anti-Jewish and antisemitic bias and the accurate reading of the Holy scripture in the literal sense, the interpretation in the Jewish context and the abandoning of wishful thinking. It is about the fact that Jews first have the right to the Gospel and we have a clear biblical mandate, to present the the Messiah Yeshua to the Jews in a Jewish context, to make the Jews jealous, not to Christianize. Wilfried Gotter showed us the exhibition rooms of the education and meeting centre in Reichenbach/Vogtland. The models of the tabernacle, the different temples, the plastic presentation of the Jewish history and biblical feasts are a big help for all believers, important statements of the Holy Scriptures to be able to introduce oneself and understand better. On Sunday we have been in the Elim congregation in Dresden. Avner and Rachel lead the worship and taught about the Jewish wave of reformation. Together with the couple Rückert we visited the old city of Dresden completed this day. On Monday Avner taught at the Andreas congregation in the pavilion of hope, where some house groups attended. Along with family Rau we visited on Tuesday Wernigerode where we checked out a music project. On the evening Avner taught at the Gospel congregation in Halle/Saale. We were very deeply impressed how many young people engage themselves in within the framework of ReformaZion https://www.reformazion.com/. On Wednesday we visited the Christusbruderschaft in Selbitz/Vogtland in Bavaria. Sister Waltraud Naumann had prepared this meeting and not only sisters but also many tertiary (layman fellows) attended this evening with Avner and Rachel. On the Reformation day we attended wit Tobias Rink vom Schniewindhaus and sister Joela from the Marienschwestern the Saxony congregation bible day in Glauchau with more than 100 participants. During this event Avner signed many books. On Friday Avner ministered to a small Messianic group at the beginning of the Shabbat. Avner and Rachel love to serve no matter if a small or a big group of believers. We spend Saturday in the prayer house Leipzig, worshipping, teaching, questioning and praying. The relationship with Jews and Israel is a heartfelt desire of the prayer house Leipzig. For Avner and Rachel it has been a ‘home game’. On Sunday we were surprised in Niederfrohna by finding out how the story of Missouri Synode in the USA (where the grandfather of Rachel had been a pastor) was connected to Niederfrohna, Bräunsdorf an Altenburg. In 1838 the pastor and his congregation left for the exhausting journey to the USA, in order to live freely their believe because during this time of Enlightenment the bible criticism grow very strong. We had a wonderful and blessed time with our friends Avner and Rachel Boskey from Omer in Israel.