On Saturday the 20th of June 2020 we finally celebrated the public release of the website www.ueberleben.tornachzion.de for our movie ‘SURVIVAL – Three Jewish Generations’ in the Elim congregation in Dresden.

We are thankful especially to our host pastor Andreas and Heike Rückert, to Martina Franz and Claudia Laule for the Israeli music, to Katja Roloff for her speech in name of the city of Leipzig and Peter and Britta Slowik. Maria spoke briefly about the background of the movie and Peter Slowik presented the website and how it may be used for example in school, at youth groups, in congregations etc. The website has been developed by two student groups of the University of Applied Science of Dresden under the direction of Prof. Mike Wolff as well as much work of the cutter Tom Chapman. Peter and Adrian Slowik made final adjustments and Friedhelm Hensen launched the website in the internet. At the end pastor Andreas and Heike Rückert gave Gods blessings for spreading and versatile use of the website. Now we need to spread the word and use all our channels to make the website known.

Please forward the address of the website as well as the flyer to your friends and family, especially to teachers. On request, we will be more than happy to send you printed flyers for distribution.