The Seder evening 5782 we spent as a large family with many children and commemorated the exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt.

This is a serious and joyful event. The Rau family and their children guided us through the Hagada (narration) of what happened during this time in an entertaining and child-friendly way. Kerstin Kluge organized everything wonderfully. Many helpers lent a hand and the many delicacies they brought with them, together with the Seder wine, provided a festive setting. Yeshua gave communion to his disciples at his last Seder. Together we have traced this deep connection. The children of the Rau family asked the questions of the Passover night in Hebrew: Why is this a special night? All children were allowed to seek the Afikoman (that which came after) - a reference to the risen Lord. Everyone enjoyed the time spent together.