This Friday evening we celebrated Shabbat together with Jews from Israel and Ukraine.

This has been particularly precious! When Christians from Germany celebrate Shabbat with Messianic believers from Ukraine and with Israelis, something of the new man made up of Jews and the Gentiles in Christ becomes visible.

The Rau family organized the Shabbat liturgy so that everyone could experience the blessing of this day of rest sanctified by God. After God created man, he rested from all his works and celebrated his creation with the first man. Let's pause on that for a moment! Kerstin Kluge prepared everything well, Maria brought the Israelis from the city of Leipzig's visiting program with her and Uwe accompanied the Ukrainian Jews. Thanks to Beatrix Bode, the Ukrainian participants were also able to keep up with the content. The various dishes and drinks and the many helpers contributed to the success of the Shabbat evening.