My flight was supposed to leave on the 13th of March from Berlin to Israel but due to a strike I flew two days later. The weather was cool and rainy when I landed, but my family welcomed me warmly. I spoke with family Glik and family Boskey as well as other messianic brothers and sisters in the Negev desert.

For two days I went up North to visit Avishay and Chava Goly. There I met also Miri and Meni Dror as well as Ruth Laps. It is very precious to see the relationships that have grown over the years begin to bear fruit. The big unrest in Israel made it possible to pray every morning with Avishay and Chava for their country. Jews and Christians are praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. During my stay I prepared also the women journey for autumn 2023.

I was impressed by the ‘open homes’ in the village where Judith is living. I was able to experience hospitality in the truest sense of the word and share love in a few conversations with the residents of Yeshua.