On Holy Thursday we celebrated the Seder meal in the congregation hall of the Andreas church with 80 people. We were very happy that Messianic Jews from Ukraine and Russia celebrated with us.

The Family Rau guided us through the Hagada, the Passover liturgy, in a family and child-friendly manner and drew the arc from the story of Passover to Yeshua the Messiah who died as true Passover lamb and achieved liberation from slavery of sin once and for all of us.

The four cups of the Passover litury have been fulfilled by Yeshua as the way (cup of sanctification), the truth (cup of liberation) and life (cup of salvation), no one comes to the Father except through Yeshua (cup of acceptance). The secret Afikoman, the broker central Matzah, refers to the death and burial of Jesus. It was hidden and the kids had to look for it – a sign for the resurrection of Yeshua. The kids received a present for finding the Afikoman. Everyone brought some food or drinks for this celebration. Simeon then pointed to the 10 plagues as God's judgment on the brazen idolatry of the Egyptians, which is getting closer and closer in our time of increasing distance from God and modern idolatry. So we must much more let our testimony for Yeshua shine to the world.