Also in this new Jewish year 5780 we celebrated the feast of tabernacles – Sukkot – on the 16.10.2019 in the garden of family Rau.

A mixed group of school aged teens up to retired people went in two fully occupied buses to Oswiecim.

In February Maria Hoffmann has been to South Africa to connect with Jews and Christians and deepen these relationships. Unexpectedly, she suffered a very strong back pain that limited her options.

On July 20, Maria and I attended an event where the pavilion with ‘Fountain of tears’ in Birkenau was dedicated to the Lord.

‚Hineni‘  - here I am, Lord. How do we react when we are addresses by God?

At the design faculty of the University of applied science of Dresden we had found a highly motivated group of students with Prof. Wolff.

By Maria Hoffmann

This year eight women travelled together to Israel. They came from different Christian congregations in Dresden and Leipzig.

With a lot of participants of the Andreas church and the Elim congregation we had brought important concerns for Israel full of thanks and intercession to the Lord.

On the 13th of May 32 stumbling stones were laid by the artist Gunter Demnig in Leipzig. Three of them commemorate the grandparents of Avishay Golz and the uncle of Ruth Laps, our longtime friends from Israel.

Immediately at the beginning of the year I have been one week in Oswiecim and have had an intense time with Rick Wienecke as well as Marky and Kathy Warwick in the prayer house in Birkenau.

It is an important concern of our work to show other people God’s feasts. We celebrated in a Christian congregation in Rochlitz the Passover Seder with a Messianic Hagada.