Prayer from the church of Andreas and the Elim congregation got together in the international prayer room of the pavilion on the 9/5/2018 to pray for Israel.

Manfred was very happy to participate in the March of the Nations 2018 in Jerusalem. The TOS Tübingen and Leipzig had organized this big event, that took place one day after the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem on the 15th of May.

As an association we arranged two hours of messianic worship music from Israel at the prayer time conference "Love that remains" that lasted 40 hours.

The city of Leipzig invited residents on the 22th of April into the Ariowitschhaus to live relations with people and institutions of Israel, especially with the partner city Herzliya.

During this church service Simon Rau preached about the characteristic of the love of god in the Old Testament (the Tenach) as well as in the New Testament (HaBrit HaChadasha).

This time we celebrated the feast of tabernacles together with the prayer house Leipzig in the Burgcafé.

In February Maria Hoffmann and Kerstin Kluge have been in Israel. They witnessed how Rick and Dafna Wienecke presented to different kind of groups “Fountain of Tears” in Arad.

Three days together on a trip to one of the worst places on the entire planet – the concentration camp Auschwitz.

On January 17, 2018 along with the pavilion of hope and the Israel circle of the Elim congregation we spoke about important prayer concerns for Israel and put them before God.

A large group from Israel with Avishay and Chava, Ruth, Heleni and Yona as well as many relatives and friends (11 people) and family Dahadi with Stefanie Seliger from Kfar Blum (20 people) came besides descendants of former Leipzig Jews from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Chile to the Jewish week.

From: Maria Hoffmann

From November 11 to November 17 I travelled to Israel. I spent some very busy days there.