January 22.01.2020: For the sake of Zion (Pavillon)
March 02.03.2020: general meeting
  Public release website on the movie "Survival - Three Jewish generations" in Dresden
April 08.04.2020: Seder celebration Andreasgemeinde
  19.04.2020: Church service at Andreas church
May 25.04. bis 03.05.2020: Tours at "Fountain of Tears" in Birkenau
June 21. bis 28.06.2020: Assistance at visiting program for former jews from Leipzig
August Tours "Fountain of Tears" in Birkenau
September For the sake of Zion
October 02. bis 10.10.2020: Feast of Tabernacles
  11.10.2020: Church service at Andreas church
  24.10. bis 01.11.2020: Journey to Israel of the Tor nach Zion board
November 01.11. bis 10.11.2020: Journey to Israel for couples