January 27.01.2021:  For the sake of Zion (Pavillon)
March 26.-27.03.2021:  Bible seminar with Prof. Siegfried Zimmer, Worthaus (Pavillon)
March/ April 28.03.-04.04.2021:  Passover
April 11.04.2021:  Church service at Andreas church
  09.-18.04.2021:  Journey to Israel for women
May 13.-16.05.2021:  Journey to Auschwitz for women
June/ July 27.06.-04.07.2021:  Participation at the Jewish week in Leipzig and at the visiting program for people originally from Leipzig
September 07.09.2021:  For the sake of Zion (Pavillon)
  21.-29.09.2021:  Feast of Tabernacles, 21.09.2021: Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles
  26.09.2021:  Church service at Andreas church
October 23.-30.10.2021:  Journey to Israel of the Tor nach Zion board
October/ November 30.10.-10.11.2021:  Journey to Israel for couples