How wonderful is our God of Israel?! How blessed are we by His people of Israel?! (see Romans 9:4-5)

The weeks with Maria in Israel have been amazingly beautiful. We had a lot of lovely meetings with our longtime friends. Their hospitality was just spectacular! At the same time, I feel how the Israelis are in need of us – not as „helpers“ or „knights in shining armour“ but as reliable friends. We own this to them and all the Jews after these 2.000 years of horrifying history of Christianity.


It was very important to us that we visited the protagonists of our documentary and to show them the 14-minute trailer. We have met Josef, visited Karla with our grandchildren – she is a great woman! And we also visited Steffi and her wonderful family in Kfar Blum. The time with our Israeli family – Ron and Judith and our clever grandchildren Jehonathan, Negev and Amichai, grandmother Bela with her daughter Lea and the family of her spouse Chaim - was very important for us. Along with Judith and our grandchildren we spent one Sabbath at the home of family Glik in Sde Boqer – a very special experience.

The two days in Arad with Dafna and Rick Wienecke were very important too. We learned during our stay how to explain „Fountain of tears“ to very diverse groups. One evening we spent with Avner and Rachel Boskey, whereby I was able to ask many questions about biblical connections. We were very happy to meet again, after several years, with Karen and Baruch Maayan. Especially because Karen terminated her cancer therapy and is fully believing in her healing by God. She is quite well – Praise God! 

I was deeply touched with the time we spent with Avishay and Chava. Although Chava needed to take care of her grandchildren and Avishay just had two operations behind him, they welcomed us with all their heart and made a lot of meetings possible and we felt that we belong to one family.

One day I spent with the large family from Asia, Middle East and Europe at the „Global Gathering Jerusalem“ in the Pais hall. All in all a reason to be thankful – also for the safeguarding in traffic.