During the week of Passover we celebrated the first time the Seder in another congregation. Our format „For the good of Zion I will not keep silent” should encourage Christians to build relationships to Israel, Jews and the Hebrew roots of our believe. The Seder is usually celebrated in a family setting.

It was kind of an adventure to celebrate the Seder with thirty people in the facilities of the Elim congregation in Dresden. Heidi Bornmann prepared perfectly the lamb, Maria Hoffmann made all the ingredients of the Seder like Charoset (a mix of apples, nuts, honey and red wine – symbolizes the clay bricks that the Hebrews in Egyptian slavery had to produce), bitter herbs, eggs, horseradish, couscous, carrots and more. Hard-working helpers arranged the tables and prepared things in the kitchen. With the Haggada (story of Passover) from Messianic believers we celebrated the Seder.

Many understood the deep symbolic of this festive meal with all its elements. In particularly impressive was to see how strong our Lord Jesus Christ was connected with the Jewish traditions and how he set the holy supper in context to the Seder meal as well as He fulfilled the Passover feast in His suffering, dying and resurrection. In the biblical feasts we experience the God of Israel and our heavenly father the one that is longing for a wonderful fellowship with His people and wants to celebrate with us these feasts of happiness.