A large group from Israel with Avishay and Chava, Ruth, Heleni and Yona as well as many relatives and friends (11 people) and family Dahadi with Stefanie Seliger from Kfar Blum (20 people) came besides descendants of former Leipzig Jews from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Chile to the Jewish week.

Mrs. Dr. Goldfuß and Mrs. Roloff along with Mr. Trautmann arranged a diverse program with stylish receptions, meetings, concerts, eyewitness discussions and short trips. We participated especially at the welcome evening in the parish garden along with family Flemmig and family Bode, as well as the movie evening in the Passage cinema with ‘Survival – Three Jewish Generations’ and a farewell evening with a dinner in castle Döben with family von Below and family Hornoff. We appreciate the help of everyone very much and would like to say a big thank you. Many people saw our movie and following the podiums discussion people had lively conversation about it. The city of Leipzig helped to create an atmosphere of great appreciation and a warm welcome for our Jewish friends. In this way reconciliation and healing is possible.