Three days together on a trip to one of the worst places on the entire planet – the concentration camp Auschwitz.

70 years ago it was absolutely unthinkable that Jews and Germans as well as even Englishmen would walk together a way of sorrow about the devastation of the wonderful lives of their forefathers and the horror about the incomprehensible, brutal, murderous deeds of our German forefathers. How could this happen? How could human beings conceive and construct such a hell on earth? Where was God? On all these questions we couldn’t find real answers. But we all have one common aim: We as Germans, Englishmen and Jews will do everything in our power to ensure that Auschwitz will not be repeated! We will fight anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and hate towards Israel. We also visited ‘Fountain of Tears’ in Auschwitz-Birkenau with Rick and Dafna Wienecke and understood how the Jewish Messiah identifies Himself with the suffering of His Jewish people.

In Krakau we visited the Schindler museum and enjoyed the beautiful Jewish quarter as well as the old city.

We made a wonderful experience: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel is bigger than all sufferings and hate in the world. Through His son Yeshua reconciliation and deep friendship between the descendants of the victims and the perpetrators is possible.