Along with an established team were we able to make a major step on the way to the opening of "Fountain of Tears".

Matthias, Andreas, Steffen, Hermann, Albrecht from the Ore Mountains and my daughter Judith and I drove to Birkenau. This time the team fulfilled following tasks: they made a final screed layer on the concrete base where the bronze statues, that embody the Shoa, are standing. Strong men had to take the heavy statues and put them aside. The butterfly was finished with the effort of the professional work of Steffen. Judith took care of the bottom of the wall in the exhibition pavilion, which needed to be cleaned from tar paper and painted. The hardest part was the excavation work. We moved about 25 tons of earth and gravel to lay curbs and to make the frontal areal more aesthetic. The staff of the bronze foundry of Klaus Döhler installed the artistically designed balcony parapet, set up the bronze statues and anchored them in the concrete basement. They also worked on the casting oven at the studio.

Now the whole complex looks much more inviting. Most important now is the building inspection prior to opening. Please pray for the success of this inspection!