During this church service Simon Rau preached about the characteristic of the love of god in the Old Testament (the Tenach) as well as in the New Testament (HaBrit HaChadasha).

Who wants to separate God from Israel (as Christianity did for many centuries) will reach a total impasse. Israel points always to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – that is why the other nations are so annoyed (see Psalm 2). The love of God is full of passion. He would like to provide us with His rich blessing, but He expects that we are faithful and believing. His love means healing, separation and segregation from sin and exhorts us to be obedient. Without the sacrifice of Yeshua, we are not able of living the life in His forgiveness and grace. Th love of God is first for His people. We should never forget this! We also reminded on the miracle of the resurrection of the state of Israel, 70 years ago – just three years after the Holocaust had ended.