In February Maria Hoffmann and Kerstin Kluge have been in Israel. They witnessed how Rick and Dafna Wienecke presented to different kind of groups “Fountain of Tears” in Arad.

Both got familiar in presenting the dialog of suffering to groups. They also visited friends, especially survivors of the Shoah.

In March Maria travelled again to Israel, this time with Astrid Hornoff. They took part of a Seder celebration at the house of Avishay and Chava Golz and visited friends in Kfar Blum. A highlight was the screening of our movie “Survival” in the club Europe of Holocaust survivors in Omer. Most of her time Maria spent with family Wienecke in Arad to get to know better the way of presenting ‘Fountain of Tears’ to groups. Finally, Maria was able to present a few German groups this special dialog of suffering.