A part of our association hold the church service on the 10/21/2018 at the Andreas church.

During his preaching Peter Slowik talked about, that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our Messiah Yeshua yearns for a people to live with and that welcomes Him as their king. In the history of Israel, at first an earthly king was given priority (“we want to be like other people”) and then most kings, and therefore the people, failed to give God alone the honor and ended up in captivity and distraction. 10 tribes of Israel got lost. There have been only a few kings like Hezekiah, that honoured God and rejected idolatry. This was the guarantee that the people were well and were saved from their enemies.

Also impressive was the report of a joint prayer journey of our association and the prayer house Leipzig to Auschwitz. We felt that prayer and the commitment to ‘Fountain of tear’ for a prayer house in Birkenau and for other local projects brings a change. From an altar of death can become an altar of life, where reconciliation and healing can happen.