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The Jewish people are a living paradox, fascinating to study, yet difficult to comprehend. Their recorded history is the longest and oldest of any people on the face of the earth. Their Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the world’s most influential book. Their land of Israel is the country where many Christians believe the campaign of Armageddon will erupt, and Jerusalem is the city to which Jews and Christians believe Messiah will return. Which one of us feels that his or her handle on the significance of the Jewish people is adequate? The Bible does claim to give adequate answers concerning Israel. The writers of the Scriptures proclaim that God has chosen the Jewish people. They say that the cities and valleys, the cliffs and wadis of the land of Israel are the stage which will support the fulfillment of ancient prophetic promises. The Bible declares that the future redemption of the Jewish people holds the key to the liberation of Planet Earth.

This book is an attempt to communicate the Scriptures’ vision concerning Israel in a clear, user-friendly and unapologetic manner. It is written primarily for Christians who love the Bible and its Author. The day is coming when the Body of Messiah will understand how God’s heart beats for the Jewish people, when believers will unashamedly embrace God’s call on the Church to save Jewish lives. To paraphrase Paul the Apostle’s rhetorical question, ׂHow shall the Church believe in these things unless they hear?׃

This book is also dedicated to my Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters. The God of Israel has called our people to many mighty tasks, and one of the most challenging in our own eyes is becoming servants and lights to our Gentile brothers and sisters. This calling is doubly difficult in light of 3,500 years of Antisemitism. May this book expand your mind, give you new vision and broaden the scope of your own calling.

Finally, this book is an offering to you ׁ Jewish, but definitely not a believer in the Messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus’ original Hebrew name). You might be curious about the title and message of this book. Perhaps you are reading in order to humor a Christian friend, or to evaluate and destroy dangerously false teachings. Shalom aleichem (Welcome)! It is my respectful prayer that God will speak to you as you flip through these pages, and that He will clearly reveal to your own heart whatever truth may be printed here.

The trumpets of war are sounding across this planet. The eyes of God are examining hearts in every hidden and public place. Like Uncle Sam, the God of Israel is looking for a few good men and women who will courageously stand up and throw themselves into the heat of battle, into the thick of the fray into the ministry of saving Jewish lives. Perhaps He is also calling you to stretch out your hands to Israel, calling you to turn His special Jewish key and so unlock the door to world revival!

Avner Boskey


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