This Friday evening we celebrated Shabbat together with Jews from Israel and Ukraine.

This has been particularly precious! When Christians from Germany celebrate Shabbat with Messianic believers from Ukraine and with Israelis, something of the new man made up of Jews and the Gentiles in Christ becomes visible.

Finally, after the cancellation in 2020 and the virtually visiting program in 2021, the city of Leipzig's visiting program could take place again this year.

The book of Job with the issue of suffering is a difficult part of the bible and in our lives. There is no other part in the bible where a believer is struggling so strong with God.

The Seder evening 5782 we spent as a large family with many children and commemorated the exodus of the people of Israel from Egypt.

Between the 19th and 23rd of August Kerstin Kluge and Maria Hoffmann have been in Oswiecim and showed a German group the installation of ‘Fountain of Tears’.

From February 3rd to 10th we, Manfred and Maria Hoffmann, were finally able to return to Israel. 

On Saturday the 20th of June 2020 we finally celebrated the public release of the website for our movie ‘SURVIVAL – Three Jewish Generations’ in the Elim congregation in Dresden.

From September 23rd to 26th, part of the team of "Fountain of tears" under the direction of Maria Hoffmann and Kerstin Kluge went to Poland. They went there to receive groups in Birkenau in the future and explain to them "Fountain of tears" by artist Rick Wienecke from Israel. To do this, they met with the artist in the pavilion of the artwork for a whole day. 

During the last Jewish week in Leipzig Maria and I got to know more new Israelis and became friends with. Of courses we needed to visit them and also our family Stern.

 Also in this New Jewish year we have celebrated Sukkot. However, there were a few smaller ones instead of one big celebration among family and friends. This went with and without a tabernacle, but a festively set table, with delicious fruit and food, with singing and Israeli dancing in the garden.