Daniel Yahav is a pastor of a messianic congregation in Tiberias at the Sea of Galilee, where Yeshua ministered during his life on earth. He spoke in the old brewery in Döben in February in front of about 80 people about the issue: “More signs of the end time in Israel and the world: How should we react?”

He challenged us to put our lives in order before God and to let the light of the gospel shine. We are entering a time of increasing darkness and ungodliness. This is visible in all areas of our society and unfortunately also in our congregations. Bucking the trend is our mission as Christians, Pastor Yahav emphasized. He explained how his congregation in Israel is doing it. They distribute food to survivors of the Shoah and the needy, a salvage and rescue team for disaster operations, visit people in prison, care for and education of children in their kindergarten and school as well as diverse activities in the congregation. He emphasized that it is very important to be firmly grounded in God’s word of the bible in order not to fall into the traps of the deceptions of this time.