It was very important and quite urgent to finish the film project about the survivors of the Shoa because they are running out of time and their health is getting worse.

We knew this already about Nathan. So much rain as during this week has not fallen in Israel for a long time. Furthermore there were also problems with renting the car. The days of shooting the movie were very long and exhausting for all the participants. They had to cross Israel nearly in length and also in width. We are very thankful that Nathan, Karla, Josef and Steffi were in good conditions. To bring out these difficult memories and to share them is sometimes leading to sleepless nights. Their testimonies are for us as Germans very precious! Maria was very happy that the work with the film team was harmonic and nice. Now we are very excited and we are looking forward to the film premiere in the next year!

Besides this project Maria visited together with our daughter Judith and her grandsons dear friends in Sde Boker in the Negev and also in Haifa. We are over and over again impressed by the courage in faith of this little messianic fellowship in the Negev. The relationships to Nathan and his wife Shoshanna, to Karla and her husband Avraham, to Josef and to Steffi with her big family are something very special and precious. Maria is now part of their families and is very close to them. This applies especially for the meetings with Avishay and Chava and with „mum Ruth“. For more than ten years we have very good and profound relationships to them. Maria met for the first time two Druze families on the Golan Heights as she visited them with Steffi, her grandson Jiftach and friends from Leipzig. They enjoyed very much the hospitality of these Druze families. It is hard that because of their relatives in Syria they are also affected by the war over there.