Manfred was very happy to participate in the March of the Nations 2018 in Jerusalem. The TOS Tübingen and Leipzig had organized this big event, that took place one day after the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem on the 15th of May.

It was amazing that Christians from all the five continents and nearly from 40 different nations came especially to Israel to show solidarity and their love and friendship for and with Israel on the occasion of 70 years of independence of Israel and also to demonstrate again antisemitism. Almost 6000 participants were greeted amongst others by the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkar and Rabbi Yehuda Glik. Most of the participants were from German speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Manfred marched together with his Israeli friends and the flag of Jerusalem. One said: “It was worth living for this day!” All the Israeli we met have been very touched. One orthodox woman blew the Shofar, another orthodox man said that our presence in Jerusalem is a sign that the Messiah is soon to come. About 1.500 survivors of the Shoa were honored during the “Festival of Life” in the Sultans pool with a wonderful program of dances and music of artists of the TOS and Israeli artists. It was also very important that Christians confessed being guilty of the Holocaust.

Manfred also met very good friends of us in Jerusalem and Haifa. He stayed with Karla Pilpel (from the movie ‘Survival’) as well as Avishay and Chava. Baruch and Karen Maayan are making a guest apartment and an atelier for Baruch despite the chemotherapy that Karen is still receiving. They share what they have with others and they are encouraging as well as helping people to live their own specific call that they received from God. Asriel and Sara have a big family and as orthodox believers they have an open heart for us that believe in Yeshua. We are believing in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and we feel that the same spirit is moving us.