As an association we arranged two hours of messianic worship music from Israel at the prayer time conference "Love that remains" that lasted 40 hours.

We felt that there is a big need for these worship songs of Jewish musicians that believe in Yeshua the Messiah. Immediately following Yom Kippur (September 30) that rings in the beginning of the jubilee year (see Leviticus 25) we thanked our redeemer for His sacrifice for us.

On November 19 we had the opportunity to serve in the Baptist congregation of our friends Dierk und Irene Lohrengel in Fürstenwalde. Together we sang worship songs of messianic believers. We presented our movie "Survival – three Jewish generations". The sermon was about the difference between living according the law (the covenant with Moses) and living through grace (the new covenant with Yeshua). We were very happy about the "open door" in this congregation as this issue is irrelevant in many congregations or because of replacement theology (the church replaced Israel in its call) they are blind for the acting of God.