On January 17, 2018 along with the pavilion of hope and the Israel circle of the Elim congregation we spoke about important prayer concerns for Israel and put them before God.

We started with a short bible input from Isiah 2:2-4. We are living in a time where God brings back the focus of the world to Israel and to His beloved city of Jerusalem. The president of the USA denied the postponement of the move of the US-embassy to Jerusalem. With the move of the embassy the decision by the US-congress from the year 1995 will be fulfilled. On May 14 the embassy will move on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the independence of Israel. Other countries will follow. We prayed that Germany as well as the EU will change their position regarding this issue.

On February 22, 2018 I hold a lecture at the Volksmissionskreis (folk mission circle) about Chanukah and put this in the perspective to our German past, the Holocaust. The older participants were very touched as they understood what a great difference they can make today especially by praying and showing solidarity with Israel and the Jews.

At the beginning of April Peter Slowik was able to make an evening in a Methodist congregation in Burgstetten (southwest Germany) along with Heiko Kaaf and his wife. He spoke during this evening about our work, showed our movie and invited them to join praying for Israel.