Tor nach Zion e.V.

Between the 31st of August and the 3rd of September, we went to Poland as "team Auschwitz."

This time we trained at the exhibition "Fountain of Tears" in Auschwitz on how to guide visitors through the artwork of Rick Wienecke as well as introduce the artist and get along with the local technical circumstances.  Again, we experienced that the "Fountain of Tears" is the vivid talking of God. Jesus Christ touched the inner wounds of members of the team and started healing them.

Along with the Saxony craftsmen, we lived in a hotel. We had great conversations during our meals. We laughed, prayed, and celebrated Shabbat together.

During this time, we met Mark from the prayer house as well as Andreas Bauer and his wife, who were guests at the prayer house. Together with Markus, one of the craftsmen, we walked through the determination camp in Birkenau in prayer.

A special highlight was the placement of the lion sculpture in front of the entrance to the "Fountain of Tears". During our worship time under the sky, along with Rick, the craftsmen, and a Polish Christian, we felt the majesty and greatness of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  As we met Goshia (a Polish believer) in a beautiful café in Oswiecim, we encountered coincidentally a 90-year-old survivor of the Shoah who is living today in Sweden.

We went home satisfied and blessed.