In May and June, we welcomed former Jews from Leipzig in our city with their children and grandchildren. It was a privilege to celebrate with Josef Aaron his 81st birthday. He enjoyed the comfort and security in the home of family Kluge. He shared his horrifying memories of Bergen-Belsen with pupils from the Reclamgymnasium (Reclam high school). Josef reached their heart. Their written letters and a collection of money for him are evidence of this.

It was very important and quite urgent to finish the film project about the survivors of the Shoa because they are running out of time and their health is getting worse.

A delegation under the leadership of the head major Burkhard Jung traveled in December 2015 to Israel, so they could join the celebrations of the 50 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel. The St. Thomas choir performed under the conduction of Gotthold Schwarz the Christmas Oratorio from J. S. Bach in Jerusalem and Herzliya.